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Blackstar Group, LLC provides technical event production services for clients who require high performance networks for large and small scale events. We build fast, reliable networks and provide expert on-site support for gaming, live-streaming, and all your connectivity needs.

What we offer

We have the creative technical expertise needed to run high tech events of all sizes and for all audiences.


Let us worry about the specifications of your network so you can focus on making your live event your best one yet. Through customization of network and PC hardware, we ensure the best performance of all your tech.


Network security is often only taken into account after a disaster happens. We believe in cutting your risk by using customized hardware firewalls and active bandwidth shaping. We put you in control of your network.


We provide unique services for your event to produce the results you need. Your needs take top priority as we develop creative solutions to technical challenges of every kind.


Our on-site technicians are highly experienced and able to assist with all levels of tech support from individual machine troubleshooting to imaging an entire network. Our expertise will help your event run smoothly.


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