Blackstar Group | Services
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We provide technical event production services for clients who require high performance networks for large and small scale events. We build fast, robust networks and provide expert on-site support for gaming, live-streaming, and other technical needs

We’ve got you covered.


We build the most robust network for your shows. Core networking with 10 and 40Gbps interconnects, imaging solutions, console NAT support and wireless coverage for your attendees. You ask, we deliver.


Network security is always an important asset for live events. Our team has built monitoring and protection solutions for some of the largest networks in the world, and now we turn this attention to your event.


We provide unique services for your event to produce the results you need. Your needs take top priority at all times as we develop creative and bulletproof solutions to technical challenges of every kind.


Our on-site technicians are highly experienced and able to assist with all levels of tech support from troubleshooting individual devices to imaging an entire network.